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How Can Web Hosting Be Defined? A folder and a file that has been stored on you computer’s or desktop is automatically stored on one if its hard disks as well so, if you ever happen to use the file, you can just easily access them on your computer. Speaking of files, a web page can also be considered as one since it is quite similar to those of the word processing documents. The same thought of having the need to use computer for storing documents, when storing web pages, there is also a need to use computer. Actually, there are two vital differences that you can see between the documents and the web page since the first can only be viewed by the owner and is most commonly set as private however, the web page are meant to be viewed by the public. This can be made possible if you have a computer that has better qualifications compared to normal desktop and is also connected to the internet through an extremely strong network. The computer mentioned here that is used in storing web pages is what we call web servers since this serves pages to every user of the internet when the web page gets a command from these users. When all web pages are being gathered, they form a what we call websites, and when various web pages from all across the globe are collected as one, it leads to the formation of the WWW or the World Wide Web.
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It is the job of the web host to store web pages and web sites. For an individual to host a website, he or she must need to attain a what we call space which are being sold by providers and the space that is being mentioned here is the product we call web space. In measuring for the size of the space on the web is in the unit of megabytes which is the same as the one being used on the disk of a personal computer.
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Why is there a need for everyone to use web hosting? Technically speaking, this makes the linking of your MAC or PC devices to the internet possible thus enabling it to hand out web pages for the user. Technically, yes but practically no since when you are serving a large number of users in the web, it needs a sufficient and powerful too to make it possible however, a home-based internet connection is cannot provide the right amount of power to serve its purpose. Due to the existence of this dilemma, the presence of the web hosting companies are required to be felt. Since web hosting companies owned a powerful and highly acclaimed web servers, these alone can actually accommodate the large number of users on the web.